Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8 Underrated Emerging Tech Companies.

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Today, we explore these underrated emerging technology companies. All of these companies are unique and I can't wait to see them expand. Be sure to click on the links to read more information on each company.






Uptake uses analytics and predictive software to increase safety and enhance performance for companies in industries like construction, aviation and mining. Uptake was founded by co founder Brad Keywell and has the backing of construction-equipment giant Caterpillar.







Hudl is a key component in helping more than 100,000 sports teams nationwide win games. The startup allows coaches to record or upload video to its platform, take notes, drawings, or recordings and share it with players on their mobile devices.









In 2014, Google released the free software Kubernetes — a tool to manage and maintain huge piles of containers that's based on the tech it had developed for the same function. Kubernetes became very popular, with developers all over the world using it in their own computing infrastructures. Now two of its team members have launched a new startup, Heptio, to turn it into a business and make it accessible to other tech companies.









Pindrop is a fraud prevention and authentication tool that is now being used in some of the top banks. The company has spent the last five years building up a digital library of audio traits that can pinpoint where and what kind of call is coming through. If the service or the geography doesn't look right, or if it looks like the same kind of phone print that it's picked up over and over again, then Pindrop can flag the call as a possible risk.






Starry makes a receiver called the Starry Point that hangs out your window like an antenna. You can hook up your own wireless receiver or use its own Starry Station, a $250 device that can tell you right from its screen how fast your internet is performing.







What started out as a bootstrapped company founded by two IT guys who loved Macs has become bigger than what they expected. Jamf makes software that lets companies manage hundreds or thousands of Macs and iOS devices. The company has more than 9,000 customers — including one of the world's biggest Mac users, IBM — and has over 38,000 members in its Jamf Nation, an online community for Apple IT professionals.






Nowait allows users to virtually "get in line" at a restaurant and track their place without having to physically be there. In August, Yelp made an $8 million investment in Nowait and and integrated Nowait's technology into the Yelp app. Now, if Yelp users find a restaurant they like, they're now able to get in line using Nowait directly within the Yelp app.







Bellhops is an on-demand startup for moving. The Tennessee-based company operates in more than 50 cities nationwide and is staffed by local college students. What sets Bellhops apart from other movers is its convenience: you can instantly get a quote online, reserve a moving crew for $1, and choose from three different types of moves. 



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